28 May 2008

Web applications, the right way to the future

There are so many web sites these days offering all kind of things to do online and they keep appearing with newer or better services provided to us for free. I have an 20 GB hardisk on my machine and I have no intention to change it, meaning less money spend for my PC, even better, I don't need to spend money on commercial software to have some great feature that will ease my work. I just need to look for the right web application and I'm done. I have my work done and my wallet safe.
Don't know what web app is right for you? Well, here are some lists of web applications that might help you chose.
- 90+ online photography tools and resources grouped in categories like photo editors, photo sharing, free photo hosting, and other categories
- video toolbox: 150+ video tools and resources also grouped in categories,
- online business toolbox: 230+ tools for running a business online you will sure find something you like here, I did,
- Google app engine where you can browse or search by tags all kind of web apps. and if you like one from here and you have a Google account you can simply log in using your Google account and start using the application
I hope that you will find the right web app that can replace your desktop application. I've tried to put only the best lists that I have found so that you can easily find what you are looking for.
See you next time with other great resources from the web.

PS. Another big list of web apps that is suited for freelancers is:
- The Freelancer's toolset: 100 web apps for everything you will possibly need

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