23 July 2008

"Hide my ass" hides your online identity

To be honest, the name "Hide my ass" made me look. Founded a link with this name and I was just curious whats there. No that I have a big ass and I need to hide it but I wanted to see how can someone can hide an ass on net.
Actually Hide my ass is a free anonymous proxy service that will help you hide your IP address. There are many reasons that makes someone hide his IP address. If you connect to internet from work and there websites blocked by a web filter or you just want to browse a website but you don't want that the website logs your real IP address you just need a free proxy and you solve the problem.
Thats it, use Hide my ass free anonymous proxy service and all the problems are gone either you want to bypass something in order to access a website or you just want to browse a site anonymous hideing your real IP address. The problem with free proxy services is that they end being blocked to access some websites. The good news with Hide my ass is that the website is part of a network that offer the same service trough several diferent websites. So if one site is blocked you can try with another one provided by Privax network.
This is an easy way to browse anonymously, anyway you can say your toughts or other methods in the comments.

- Hide my ass
- Privax network

17 July 2008

A litle program to clean a big mes of a big program

The Java Runtime Environment has been recently updated and, since Sun Microsystems is such a big company, he does not take the luxury to spend a little time to clean the unnecessary files after he publish an update to his famous Java Runtime Environment. With this update, the JRE (Java Runtime Environment), now at version 6, has reached to update our platform 7 times now on the same version. Now, don't get me wrong, updating the system make it work better, reduces the risks of crashes or security leaks.
All good news! The JRE from Sun Microsystems has been updated. Why all the trouble of writing a post about it?
Well, when have you took a look at Add/Remove Programs section on your Control Panel? Oh, have you checked the Show Updates check box right above the table of your installed programs? Lets say that you are there. Scroll down until you find the Java Updates. Do you see more then one? This question brings us to the point of this post.
If you have to much hardisk space to spare probably you haven't noticed where some hundreds MB have gone. Those from Sun Microsystems care about our computers and updates the Java platform but they simply forget or, looking at the number of updates that the JRE has received, it is a luxury that they can't afford to remove the old files from our systems.
Back to my question, if you haven't take any action in removing the old files of the Java platform, you should see seven updates of the Java platform. If you see all those updates, you can see how much space they waste from your hardisk.
How to remove all those old updates?
The answer is simple. Take a small program that do the job for you.
JavaRa does just that. A little program that clean the mes of big programs. JavaRa removes all the previous Java Runtime Environment updates. It is one click easy. Good little utility to have around. Don't forget to check the documentation if you want to use the other tasks.

Boost your life and keep your system clean!

10 July 2008

Google helps you keep your Gmail account protected

Gmail is better and better.

Ok, my friends, I won't go in detail presenting you the mail service from Google, I think that the service is to popular to need further presentation. Gmail is better and better with each feature released by Google for this service. Not to long ago Gmail have presented for you to use some features still in testing versions by poiting to settings link on your Gmail account page then pointing to Labs tab in your settings page.

How Google helps me?

Now lets get to the subject of this post. You just need to pay a litle atention to details. Just scroll down to bottom of any page from your Gmail account and click the Details link next to the Last account activity line. What you get on this link? Like Google says :
It's information we'd use to troubleshoot unauthorized account activity, and now it's available to you.

On this page you can find about conccurent sessions opened of your Gmail account. You have even an option to sign out from all other sessions opened of your account. This is not stoping here. Google give us access to some more information. The recent activity table present to you the last five activities with Access Type column showing how your account was accessed, like browser, POP3 or mobile access, an IP address column showing the IP address that have accessed your account and a Date/Time column showing you the time when your account was accessed.
If you think that you need a litle more information on this subject just click the Learn more link from the Details page.

See you next time. Stay protected!

06 July 2008

Be A Solutions Provider And You Will Boost Your Profits by Michaela Cernescu

It is a mind shift, but if you transform yourself in a problem solver you find your way to a profitable Internet marketing niche. Products that solve problems are the most effective items to sell online. Internet marketers learn early on that following and solving a problem equals online profits. People search the Internet daily seeking answers to urgent problems. They are looking for new ways to: find a cure for an illness, learn a new software, teach a kid math, find a better mortgage, find a favorite item on the net, lose weight, stop a foreclosure, find the best doctor in a specific area, find the best boot camp for a kid, find the best book to learn French.

The best way to determine what problems people are having and how you can provide a solution is through research. You have to find out and pay attention to the trends in your chosen niche. Begin with researching keywords for your subject. There are several excellent tools you can use for this task. SEO Book, or Google Labs will help you determine trends based on the latest searches. You can see new topics arise as trends shift over several days or more. The thumb rule is you need keys with high popularity and low competition.

Join discussion forums that center on your niche. Get involved in the conversations, contribute, add to the discussion and follow the rules of the forum. If you go into a group trying to sell something right off, you will find yourself booted very fast.

If you want some anonymity, utilize another name for forum memberships. A good reason to use a different name is so that you will not appear to be patently recommending your own sites. Of course, you should only promote your sites if it is relevant to the discussion and helpful to the group.

Offer recommendations or general suggestions once you have made a few posts and shown that you want to be a part of the community. Pay attention to the discussions. When you see comments about a particular problem, be brave enough to ask if anyone has a good solution for it. More often than not, if no one has a suggestion, there is a chance to develop a new product idea!

Another great way to get a handle on problems to solve is by visiting major blogs like Technorati. There are sections specifically for "what's rising." This is a good spot to stay in touch with what people find important. Find do follow blogs and if you have a non follow blog, transform your blog on do follow.

Subscribe to feeds from popular blogs in your niche. Chances are you will see posts on products that address common problems. Have a look at these products and determine what you can do to make them simpler, improve them, or add your own twist on the solution. If it is a high ticket item, perhaps you can produce something that is more affordable.

Study these products and see if they really do solve the problem. Perhaps the product is cheap and not very clear with the solution. That is your opportunity to add to the content and position your product as the superior answer. Get testimonials from reviewers on how your product solved their problem quicker and easier.

Marketers are earning six and seven figure incomes by solving simple problems. They pay attention to what the public wants. Follow these simple suggestions and you can have your slice of this very lucrative pie. Regards

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04 July 2008

3 easy steps to make Google Docs your default office suite application

Why should you make Google Docs the application that will open your documents? Well, if you are like me, and not doing so much work with documents, spreadsheets or presentations it is no need to have some hundreds MB hardisk space filled with a application that you will run rarely. On the other hand, if you are working daily with documents, Google Docs can save you some time letting you easily share your work. The best thing is that you don't need to install anything and you can access Google Docs from anywhere by simply pointing the web browser to http://docs.google.com
Now lets get to the point of this post and tell you that these steps are for FireFox users and take less then 5 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Ok, first, lets make Google Docs work offline. Click the offline link in the upper right corner of your Google Docs page. A dialog box will pop-up where you will be prompted to get Gears extension for your browser or, if you already have Gears installed, to enable offline access for Google Docs.

Step 2

  Now that we have also offline access to Google Docs lets call for some help that will set for us Google Docs as the default office suite. Lets get the Google Toolbar for FireFox, probably the best toolbar that any browser must have.

Step 3

Now you can check what types of files Google Docs will open. Click on the Settings button from the right side of the toolbar then, click Options... In this window, make sure that the Docs & Spreadsheeds checkbox is marked then click on the File Settings... button. From the File Settings window you can chose witch file types do you want to open with Google Docs and witch methods you want to use for opening files.

Untill next time, boost your life and internet activity