28 June 2008

Find the best free software on the internet !

Free software: good or bad?

A good question that fits in this subject is: Does a free software can replace a commercial one? Well, the answer is different from user to user. Now days its even harder to tell since the development of free software is become a trend, be it desktop software or web app. There are different factors when it comes to chose a software and this factors are strong related with the user experience. So that a new user will look for ease of use with the software he will use so that he can learn to use the software quickly. On the other hand an experienced user will search for more and better features on the software that he will want to use.
All that I will do in this post is to direct you to some of the best places on internet where you can find free software that can always replace his commercial competitors.

Best free software sites

There are so many sites that list free software that this post will become an endless list of sites if I'll start to write them all so, I've thought that it will be better to point you only a few of my really favorite sites that are regularly updated.

  • NONAGS , even if it is a little hard to follow the updates from this site because there is not any rss or atom sindication, it is a good place to find free software.
  • Freeware Files is one of my trusted places for good free software. It is easy to follow the updates trough rss or email subscriptions. They have even editor picks to help users find the software that really counts in his category.
  • Major Geeks is a site dedicated to power users in special. It is a must have bookmark if you are a sistem or network administrator.
  • Gismo's tech support alert got my atention for a long time now. It was a one man work untill recently when the site becomed " A kind of Wikipedia for freeware " like the author love to say.
Which is best?

In the end it is up to you to chose what is best for you and if the free software can replace your commercial software
Happy browsing and see you next time.


  1. snapfiles.com
    oldie but goodie. also means you can find older versions of some freeware before it became bloatware.