23 July 2008

"Hide my ass" hides your online identity

To be honest, the name "Hide my ass" made me look. Founded a link with this name and I was just curious whats there. No that I have a big ass and I need to hide it but I wanted to see how can someone can hide an ass on net.
Actually Hide my ass is a free anonymous proxy service that will help you hide your IP address. There are many reasons that makes someone hide his IP address. If you connect to internet from work and there websites blocked by a web filter or you just want to browse a website but you don't want that the website logs your real IP address you just need a free proxy and you solve the problem.
Thats it, use Hide my ass free anonymous proxy service and all the problems are gone either you want to bypass something in order to access a website or you just want to browse a site anonymous hideing your real IP address. The problem with free proxy services is that they end being blocked to access some websites. The good news with Hide my ass is that the website is part of a network that offer the same service trough several diferent websites. So if one site is blocked you can try with another one provided by Privax network.
This is an easy way to browse anonymously, anyway you can say your toughts or other methods in the comments.

- Hide my ass
- Privax network


  1. So does http://finance-proxy.com as well :) The Best Proxies network, http://www.best-proxies.com

  2. does this work for downloading music and stuff? can a court order the release of records containing your real IP?

  3. Heres another good Proxy http://unblock3d.com

    more here: