17 July 2008

A litle program to clean a big mes of a big program

The Java Runtime Environment has been recently updated and, since Sun Microsystems is such a big company, he does not take the luxury to spend a little time to clean the unnecessary files after he publish an update to his famous Java Runtime Environment. With this update, the JRE (Java Runtime Environment), now at version 6, has reached to update our platform 7 times now on the same version. Now, don't get me wrong, updating the system make it work better, reduces the risks of crashes or security leaks.
All good news! The JRE from Sun Microsystems has been updated. Why all the trouble of writing a post about it?
Well, when have you took a look at Add/Remove Programs section on your Control Panel? Oh, have you checked the Show Updates check box right above the table of your installed programs? Lets say that you are there. Scroll down until you find the Java Updates. Do you see more then one? This question brings us to the point of this post.
If you have to much hardisk space to spare probably you haven't noticed where some hundreds MB have gone. Those from Sun Microsystems care about our computers and updates the Java platform but they simply forget or, looking at the number of updates that the JRE has received, it is a luxury that they can't afford to remove the old files from our systems.
Back to my question, if you haven't take any action in removing the old files of the Java platform, you should see seven updates of the Java platform. If you see all those updates, you can see how much space they waste from your hardisk.
How to remove all those old updates?
The answer is simple. Take a small program that do the job for you.
JavaRa does just that. A little program that clean the mes of big programs. JavaRa removes all the previous Java Runtime Environment updates. It is one click easy. Good little utility to have around. Don't forget to check the documentation if you want to use the other tasks.

Boost your life and keep your system clean!

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