10 July 2008

Google helps you keep your Gmail account protected

Gmail is better and better.

Ok, my friends, I won't go in detail presenting you the mail service from Google, I think that the service is to popular to need further presentation. Gmail is better and better with each feature released by Google for this service. Not to long ago Gmail have presented for you to use some features still in testing versions by poiting to settings link on your Gmail account page then pointing to Labs tab in your settings page.

How Google helps me?

Now lets get to the subject of this post. You just need to pay a litle atention to details. Just scroll down to bottom of any page from your Gmail account and click the Details link next to the Last account activity line. What you get on this link? Like Google says :
It's information we'd use to troubleshoot unauthorized account activity, and now it's available to you.

On this page you can find about conccurent sessions opened of your Gmail account. You have even an option to sign out from all other sessions opened of your account. This is not stoping here. Google give us access to some more information. The recent activity table present to you the last five activities with Access Type column showing how your account was accessed, like browser, POP3 or mobile access, an IP address column showing the IP address that have accessed your account and a Date/Time column showing you the time when your account was accessed.
If you think that you need a litle more information on this subject just click the Learn more link from the Details page.

See you next time. Stay protected!

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